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December 2018

humidifier - Care & Cleaning of your Whole-Home Humidifier

Care & Cleaning of your Whole-Home Humidifier

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Switching from a portable humidifying unit to an entire home humidifying system comes with much less maintenance, but it is not completely maintenance-free. And often, the little work that is required is a confusion for some homeowners. Whether you want to know how to regularly maintain and clean your home humidifier, or you need to fix whatever is keeping it from providing adequate humidity levels, let the experts at Fenix here in Wichita help. Our technicians field questions about humidifier maintenance often and are regularly relied upon to get these systems back up and running properly. Here is some basic information to help you understand some of the most common issues. This information is provided merely to help supply initial assistance for your efforts, but you should always refer to your unit’s operating manual for its specific needs, functions, and safety information. Regular Service for your Whole Home Humidifier How often? You should have your system serviced once a year. In addition, for units like the Lennox one installed by Fenix technicians, you should replace the humidifier pad in your unit at least once a year. What should NOT be cleaned? Do NOT clean the mineral scale off the bottom…

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