Wichita HVAC Showroom

We take great pride in our showroom at Fenix here in Wichita. It puts our wide array of Lennox products on display – from air conditioners to furnaces – to give you a sense of what the units would look like in your home or business. These aren’t simply display models, either. They’re fully functional, and in fact, they’re the very furnace and air conditioning units that maintain the comfortable atmosphere of our Wichita offices.

See how a new furnace or one of our air conditioners will operate in your home

Feel free to stop by and hear what they sound like – how they hum. One great benefit of getting a Lennox system is the sound, or rather lack of it. Our heating units and air conditioners are among the quietest you can get. Hear the Lennox difference for yourself. Have questions about what furnace or AC you should get? If one of the owners isn’t otherwise busy (they’re comfort specialists themselves!) then you may find yourself running into one of them on the show floor. This sales environment perfectly encapsulates the type of non-commission business that Fenix is. So when you are ready to look at getting a new furnace or ac unit, visit our Wichita showroom!

IMG 9921 300x200 - Showroom

Trust the Fenix Comfort Heroes to rescue you from your HVAC problems. Don’t wait until the first day of winter to discover your furnace is not working! Turn it on today. If it’s not running properly, contact us and we’ll work to get your system fixed before the first frost.

Join the Fenix Protection Plan Service Program today! You’ll receive some nice benefits, like 20% off all parts and labor and having the peace of mind to know that your HVAC unit is being serviced by the best comfort specialists in Wichita!

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