Air Conditioning Installation at Fenix Heating and Cooling

Much like a fierce KU/K-State game, Wichita summers can become quite heated, and it’s when the sun is high in the sky during that first day of the season that most homeowners realize that their air conditioner isn’t doing its job well (or at all). Such a situation can make for a grueling few days until the problem is fixed, and we here at Fenix Heating and Cooling in Wichita can help to ensure that the repair (or replacement with a new air conditioning installation) of your cooling unit is a smooth and painless process.

If the problem is only minor, your unit may simply need a quick repair, but if any of the following points ring true, then a replacement might be in order:

  • It’s more than 10 years old,
  • You’ve neglected to maintain your system.
  • The damage is too extensive.

Installing a new air conditioner may seem daunting, but beyond that, you’ll find that it comes with numerous benefits. Newer units require fewer repairs, and on top of that, the air conditioner will operate much more efficiently, resulting in lower monthly utility bills.

A Knowledgeable and Experienced Team for Air Conditioning Installation

If you’re in need of a new air conditioner, don’t sweat it! Unless, of course, your old unit is doing just that – making you sweat. The team at Fenix Heating and Cooling is certified and knowledgeable. We are a Lennox Premier Dealer, and our comfort specialists complete regular training courses offered exclusively by Lennox. This ensures that their knowledge of Lennox systems remains relevant, even as technology advances. Add to that over a dozen Fenix crew who have over 10 years of experience, and you’ve got a team that knows Lennox systems from top to bottom.

Getting a New Air Conditioner from Fenix

By placing your trust with Fenix, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a smooth and painless installation process. Our comfort specialist will:

  • make sure that all install equipment is level and balanced.
  • replace all material relating to the install.
  • double check work to ensure quality.
  • remove and dispose of your old unit.

When we work on an install, we coordinate with you to select the best replacement unit for your needs, not to meet a sales quota. In fact, we’ll help you troubleshoot your problem over the phone at no charge. If a service call is in order, our team offer friendly, knowledgeable service at the time of the install.

Being without an air conditioner on a hot day is no joke. At Fenix, once we schedule a call, we’ll complete the air conditioning installation. We do the job right the first time (and every time). When you call Fenix, you can enjoy peace of mind not only once the install is complete, but even after our techs have left you to chill out with your new air conditioner. If your current cooling system just needs to be fixed, our ac technicians are equipped to handle a fast and complete air conditioning repair.

Contact Us!

For Heating and Cooling installation or repair, call the pros at Fenix Heating and Cooling in Wichita at (316) 945 4842 or contact us. We’re happy to help you solve your problem over the phone at no cost to you!

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Trust the Fenix Comfort Heroes to rescue you from your heating and cooling problems. Don’t wait until the first day of winter to discover your furnace is not working! Turn it on today. If it’s not running properly, contact us and we’ll work to get your system fixed before the first frost.

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