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My Air Conditioner Froze Up

HOW TO FIX A FROZEN AIR CONDITIONER It’s a bizarre, but not terribly uncommon sight. It’s a HOT humid Wichita day. The sun is beating. Everyone is in shorts. Its pool weather. And your outside air conditioner is covered in ICE! We created this blog post to help you get…

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What is the SEER rating?

SEER Rating – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio The SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is there to help you judge the cooling efficiency of every Lennox air conditioner that Fenix installs. Don’t let the acronym scare you! The SEER rating is essentially miles-per-gallon, like in your car, only for your…

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Cleaning Your Outdoor AC Unit

Summers in Wichita can be blistering. It’s best to make sure that your outdoor AC unit is in tip-tip condition and not covered in leaves and other debris. Such buildup can cause it to lose efficiency and cost you money. One of the easiest ways to maintain your AC, especially…

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Fenix Celebrates 15 Years of Lennox’s Centurion Award

Fenix Heating & Cooling is a Lennox Premier Dealer, meaning that we specialize in all things Lennox, and strive to offer only the best service at the most affordable rates.For fifteen years running, Fenix has been the proud recipient of Lennox’s Centurion Award from Lennox Industries, an international heating and…

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8 Common Air Conditioner Problems

There are plenty of fun, outdoor activities during a Wichita summer. After a day of visiting the Keeper of the Plains and riding the train at Watson Park, you’ll be ready to come home and cool down. However, it’s hard to beat the heat when your air conditioner can’t keep…

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