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My Air Conditioner Froze Up

By May 21, 2018November 17th, 2021Air Conditioning, Cooling, General, Heating


It’s a bizarre, but not terribly uncommon sight. It’s a HOT humid Wichita day. The sun is beating. Everyone is in shorts. Its pool weather. And your outside air conditioner is covered in ICE!

We created this blog post to help you get your home nice and comfy ASAP if you find you have a frozen air conditioner!

“The first thing you want to do is lay down some towels around your furnace and evaporator coils if it’s in the basement. Melting ice creates water, and a lot of water can ruin anything in the vicinity of your air conditioner.” – Cory Curl, Co-Owner Fenix Heating & Cooling

After you’ve prepared for the defrosting, turn your air conditioning on the thermostat OFF and turn the fan ON ASAP. This will start the defrosting process. You may have a frozen evaporator coil, and this can cause a strain on the compressor which could potentially damage the unit or even burn it out.

dont remove ice by hand - My Air Conditioner Froze Up

While the unit is thawed out (1-2 hours on a hot day) you will want to check the filter on your furnace and replace it if its dirty. Blocked or clogged air flow is a likely cause of the unit freezing up. Once your filter is replaced and the unit is thawed out go ahead and turn the AC on and see if it works.

If the air is nice and cool with no more freezing you are good to go. If it does freeze up again you will want to turn the air conditioner OFF and turn the fan to ON and call the guys at Fenix Heating and Air Conditioning at 316-945-4842. We will do our best to get out ASAP and get you fixed up!


1 – Dirty Filter

The most likely cause of a frozen air conditioner coil is not enough air flowing over the evaporator coils.

The air that flows over your coils loses it heat to the coils, but if not enough air is flowing, the refrigerant gets to cold and might cause the coils to freeze.

The leading reading why the airflow could be hampered is that your filter is dirty, covered in dirt and debris. Replacing or cleaning it will certainly help.

Dirty filter e1526873420951 - My Air Conditioner Froze Up

2 – Low on refrigerant (Freon)

If there is insufficient air flow, there is a chance you can fix your frozen air conditioner on your own. However, if you have insufficient refrigerant (Freon) there is a good chance you have a leak in your system. For this kind of repair you will want to call the professional at Fenix Heating and Air Conditioning right away. You can reach us at 316-945-4842.

3 – Dirty evaporator coils

Another cause of a frozen air conditioner is dirty evaporator coils.

It’s important there isn’t buildup on these coils or they won’t be able to absorb the heat it needs to cool your home.

This is an important reason why annual maintenance is so important.  If the filter is clean and you have poor air flow, it is a dirty coil.

evap coil e1526873560201 - My Air Conditioner Froze Up

4 – Malfunctioning motor

Another possibility is a broken or malfunctioning blower motor. This is the part of your AC that blows return air over the evaporator coils. If there is not enough air moving over the coils, then your air conditioner will get to cold and freeze up.

5 – Blocked (or closed) return ducts

Depending on the quality of the installation of your heating and AC unit your system should have the proper number of air supply and return air ducts. Some folks close registers in unused rooms, or basements in the winter to save money when, in actuality, it could be having the opposite effect.

Other possible issues related to air flow could be ducts that are improperly sized, return vents covered by furniture or curtains.

6 – Mechanical failures

It could be a kink in a refrigerant line, a blower fan not running, or a clogged filter dryer. These are some of the reasons the pressure can change in your system and make your air conditioner freeze up.

7 – Cold outside

If you are running your air conditioner when the air outside is 62 degrees or below then the pressure inside of your system will drop and potentially cause a freeze up of your air conditioner.

Fenix is fully equipped to handle all manner of HVAC problems for residential homes as well as commercial businesses. If anything’s the matter, from a rumble to a frozen AC, give our comfort specialists a call at 316-945-4842, or contact us today!

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Trust the Fenix Comfort Heroes to rescue you from your HVAC problems. Don’t wait until the first day of winter to discover your furnace is not working! Turn it on today. If it’s not running properly, contact us and we’ll work to get your system fixed before the first frost.

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