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When the weather outside is frightful, a working furnace is so delightful! Operating in Wichita for 30 years, Fenix Heating and Cooling knows that winters here get really, really, cold. To make sure that you’re not left out in the cold, we’re here to take care of all of your furnace or other heating repair needs!

Even with regular maintenance, heating systems won’t always be running at peak performance, but here are a common symptoms that might indicate that your furnace could use the professional touch of a Wichita comfort specialist here at Fenix:

Thermostat set for 68, something to check when your furnace is blowing cold air

  • Inaccurate thermostat
  • Poor air quality
  • Strange sounds
  • Decreased air flow


Fenix Heating Repair Service

Fenix is experienced in servicing all variety of furnace and heating units, and we were named a Lennox Premier Dealer, so if you own a Lennox HVAC system, then know that we are especially equipped to service it. But no matter what type of furnace you have, our skilled comfort specialist will quickly diagnose and address your problem.

We at Fenix value honestly above all else. We operate on a non-commissioned basis, so we have no sales quotas to meet. Our only concern is to offer the quality service possible. We won’t try to talk you into furnace repairs you don’t need, but if you will need them – and soon – we’ll write you an estimate so that you can get the most life out of your current system before even considering to upgrade.


Save on Furnace Heating Repair Costs

Maintaining your furnace or other heating unit will go a long way in prolonging its life. The Fenix Heating and Cooling Planned Maintenance program helps you to make sure that your unit stays in good shape year-round. Planned Service members also receive discounts on parts and labor! Learn more.

While some repairs, like a cracked heat exchanger, are complicated and potentially dangerous and should be left to a licensed professional, there are several repairs and maintenance work homeowners can handle themselves. And to avoid a majority of issues that can happen with a furnace or heater, make sure you are regularly changing out your air filter.

Learn about the DIY Heating Tips all homeowners should know.

Fenix HVAC van parked at home in West Wichita for installation workWe here at Fenix in Wichita are always just a phone call away to assist you in any of your furnace or heating repair needs. Just give us a call at (316) 945-4842. If we can’t help you over the phone, we can schedule a visit from one of our expert comfort specialists. In addition to providing experienced and professional heating repair service, Fenix Heating & Cooling technicians are skilled installers of new furnaces and heating systems. If your heater is beyond repair, we can work with you to install a new heating system that will provide reliable heating throughout your home that is energy efficient.

Protection Plan Service Program

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Trust the Fenix Comfort Heroes to rescue you from your heating and cooling problems. Don’t wait until the first day of winter to discover your furnace is not working! Turn it on today. If it’s not running properly, contact us and we’ll work to get your system fixed before the first frost.

Join the Fenix Protection Plan Service Program today! You’ll receive some nice benefits, like 20% off all parts and labor and having the peace of mind to know that your HVAC unit is being serviced by the best comfort specialists in Wichita!

Visit our showroom to see all our trusted products on display at 802 West 2nd St., just across from Wichita’s new library, or give us a call at 316-945-4842.

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