Home Humidifier Installation & Repair

Dry Air Impacts on Your Health, Comfort & Money

Living inside a home with dry air can be uncomfortable in many ways. The humidity levels in your home can help or hinder how the air coming from your furnace actually feels. That’s why Fenix Heating & Cooling provides professional installation of humidifier systems in the Wichita area.

Humidity levels play a role in the air your heating and cooling system push through your home. Low moisture levels will make the temperature feel cooler than it is. That means you may be cranking up the heat more in the winter. And that means a larger energy bill. Controlling the humidity levels in your home, especially during dry, Kansas winters, can vastly improve how comfortable and warm it feels. Getting a whole home humidifier system installed in your home can fix many problems with dry air.

Dry air can cause static issues and even aggravate such conditions as dry skin and dry eyes. If you have to deal with ongoing problems like allergies or asthma, indoor dry air can be an even larger problem. You may notice an increase in allergy systems, such as dry throats. People suffering with asthma may find that the dry air in their home even makes breathing more difficult.

Wichita’s Professional Whole Home Humidifier Service

Whole home humidifier unitFenix Heating & Cooling provides heating and cooling services to homes and businesses across the Wichita, KS area. We handle all the ways your HVAC system can improve your environment. We install and service humidifiers so you can enjoy better comfort, improved health, and lower heating bills.

Fenix installs top-quality home Lennox brand humidification systems.
Call us at (316) 945-4842 to learn more about how a humidification system can improve your home.

Humidifier Repair

Do you have a broken humidifier or a system that just isn’t operating properly? Contact Fenix Heating & Cooling for professional repair and service for your humidifier. Our technicians are skilled and experienced at servicing any make or model of humidifier.

Just as regular maintenance is needed for your home’s heating and cooling system, proper care and service of a home humidifier is also essential for it to last a long time. Read our help guide to learn how to handle basic maintenance on your whole home humidifier, including tips and troubleshooting advice.

Improve Overall Indoor Air Quality

While a whole home humidifier will go far in improving how your air feels, Fenix also provides a variety of services to further enhance indoor air. We provide and install the top-quality line of Lennox brand air filters that filter out microscopic hazardous particles.

We also install iWave, the latest in air cleaning technology. These devices work with your existing heating and air system to clean and sanitize dangerous particles floating inside your home. Call us at (316) 945-4842 to get a quote or send us a message online.