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How Often to Change Water Panel in Your Whole Home Humidifier


1. AprilAire humidifier in Wichita basementA whole home humidifier is a great feature to add to a home’s heating system. It combats all the problems with dry air in your home. No matter what brand, whether it’s an AprilAire humidifier, Honeywell, or something else, it’s important that you regularly change the humidifier filter.

Fenix Heating & Cooling are professional installers of whole home humidifiers in the Wichita area. We provide full humidifier service, including installation, repair, and maintenance. These systems work great at maintaining proper humidity levels, but they can’t be left ignored. For a humidifier to work year after year, homeowners need to handle basic seasonal maintenance.

The primary maintenance work on a house humidifier is replacing its water panel.


What is a Humidifier Water Panel?

Inside your whole home humidifier is a water panel, often referred to as a humidifier filter or humidifier pad. It is a rectangular piece that works to disperse moisture that passes through the humidifier into the air throughout your house.

You will see it immediately upon opening up your humidifier.

Whole home Humidifier filter shown with cover open

How Often to Change the Water Panel

This piece was designed to be changed out, not unlike an air filter. You need to change the water panel in your humidifier on a regular basis. Otherwise, it will become clogged over time with the various particles that can make their way into the system.

As it gets clogged, you will likely notice a change in your home. You won’t be receiving the benefits of a humidifying system adding moisture to your home. You may notice that the humidity level on your thermostat is not meeting with your desired setting.

Typically, you should replace your water panel once every year. It’s a good idea to schedule the changing of this water panel soon before needing your furnace for the cold season. Early fall would be an excellent time to plan for this maintenance step.

Some people find they need to change their water panel more than once a year. If you notice the signs of a clogged water panel, you should remove it and inspect it. If it’s clogged with dirt or debris, you should change it again, even if it’s not time yet for the scheduled replacement.


Signs It’s Time to Change the Humidifier Water Panel

Whether you know you missed your scheduled water panel replacement or you are wondering if your water panel needs to be changed more frequently, some signs indicate that this maintenance is needed.

  • The humidity number on your thermostat isn’t reaching your desired setting
  • You hear your furnace ran running more often
  • Increased static electricity in your home
  • Dry skin, nose bleeds, or other health issues caused by dry air
  • When you check the water panel, you can visually see it’s dirty with scale build-up. When you press on it, your finger may press right through it with the material crumbling.


Problems When Neglecting this Maintenance

Not changing the water panel regularly causes even more problems. It’s not just uncomfortable, but it could cause damage to your home. A clogged humidifier water panel can cause water to back up, even leading to flooding problems in your basement.

It can affect how well your home’s heating and cooling units operate. A humidifier works in conjunction with your home’s HVAC system. A clogged water panel may require the furnace fan to work harder or longer in its effort to disperse the moisture into the air.


How to Change your Whole Home Humidifier Water Panel

It is quite easy to change your humidifier water panel. It can even be done in less than 5 minutes. While it’s a simple process, we are lining out every step in detail to ensure there is no confusion about what needs to be done or what goes where. While different humidifier models are unique in doing this, these are the general steps to follow.

  1. Open humidifier cover. You will find the opening either on the right of the unit or at the bottom. You should be able to simply pop that cover off.
  2. Take the hose off (it’s to the water supply).
  3. Pull the 2 tabs on top to pull out the water panel.
  4. Remove the panel from the frame. The frame does not get replaced.
  5. There is a top part of the frame that needs to be taken off. You may find it pops off.
  6. Slide the panel up and out of the frame. (note: this panel may be pretty dirty and dusty, so you may want to be ready with a box or trash can to put it right into)
  7. Put the new water panel in. Just like an air filter, there is a RIGHT DIRECTION that a water panel needs to be installed. Look for colored marks (it doesn’t matter what color) and make sure those are pointing up.
  8. Colors show what side of the humidifier water panel is upPut the frame top back on.
  9. Put the frame back into your humidifier unit, making sure the drain hole is at the bottom of the frame. That goes above the drain coming out of the bottom of your humidifier. As you put the frame back in, you should hear it snap, letting you know it’s fully in place.
  10. Stick the hose back into the hole at the top of the frame.
  11. Put the humidifier front cover back on.


If you have any problems with replacing your water panel or need any other type of repair or maintenance work on it, contact us at Fenix Heating & Air. Call us at (316) 945-4842, or you can request service by sending us a message online.


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