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Helpful Heating Tips

By February 13, 2018November 17th, 2021Heating

DIY Heating Tips That Can Keep Your System Running Smoothly for Years to Come

As any of the experts here at Fenix Heating & Cooling in Wichita would tell you, proper maintenance of your furnace, gas or otherwise, is key to prolonging its life. There are some things that only our qualified technicians can do, but there are plenty of helpful heating tips for you to look at  for a few potential solutions to your problem and to help keep the entire system maintained.

First and foremost, though, practice proper safety, especially when dealing with a gas furnace, and since gas leaks can be exceedingly dangerous, if at any point, you detect a leak, call the professionals here at Fenix immediately at 316-945-4842. A gas leak could easily lead to a fatal incident. Different issues, like a cracked heat exchanger could be cause a serious leak. Also, be sure to turn the furnace off, as well as turning off any electrical circuits connected to it before you start trying to diagnose any issues or performing any DIY maintenance.

#1 – Check Your Thermostat

Check thermostat. How to lower your heating bill and other heating tipsIf everything about your furnace seems fine, but it’s still not functioning properly, then there’s a chance that your thermostat may be damaged, or the batteries may have died. Some thermostats run off your house power and only use batteries as a backup, but some are run only on batteries, and if the batteries begin to die, then your thermostat may stop functioning normally. That’s an easy fix, but if your thermostat begins to go out, then you may need to have it replaced, and Fenix can certainly help with that.

#2 – And the Pilot Light

The pilot light is crucial to a furnace, and before you waste time and money (and a fair amount of embarrassment) by calling a Fenix technician out to your house to take a look at your furnace, check the pilot light. Oftentimes, they can easily be relit by hand if they happen to go out. The directions are typically printed on the door. But if they go out often, or refuse to stay on all together, then a technician will be required, and Fenix is happy to help. Just give us a call at 316-945-4842.

#3 – Ensure Your Filter is Properly Filtering

The filter is typically the best place to start. Dirt and dust can quickly accumulate, and Fenix recommends that your filter should be cleaned or replaced regularly, especially during those cold winter months. Sometimes, you can simply rinse it out, but if the clog is especially severe, then a full replacement may be necessary.

#4 – Clean the Blower

Once you’ve seen to your air filter, the blower is the next step. Any dirt or debris that makes it through your filter will likely become clogged in your blower. Once you’ve removed the blower’s housing cover, you’ll need to take a moist rag and wipe down all the components of the blower, from the pulleys to belt. The blower motor may all require lubrication, and it’s a great time to do it while it’s being cleaned.

#5 – Clear Dirt from Vents

That ever-annoying dirt can also easily find its way into your ducts. If this becomes severe enough, then it can block ventilation and prevent your furnace from working properly. Fortunately, ducts can be easily cleaned with nothing more than your household vacuum. Just take the vent covers off and clean the inside.

#6 – Check the Flue

The flue is how your heater vents into the outdoors, so if it is dented or there are gaps, that will prevent it from properly venting. Depending on the condition of your flue, this may or may not require replacement.

These six heating tips will give you a great start in both maintaining your furnace and tracking down any potential issues. As always, if you have any questions, or if your furnace needs the touch of an expert, contact Fenix with our online form or call 316-945-4842. We service homes all across Wichita and the surrounding communities.

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