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YT Lennox plant tornado - Aftermath of the Marshalltown Tornado

Aftermath of the Marshalltown Tornado

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The Lennox Plant Tornado Weathering the Storm: Fenix Remains an Exclusive Premier Lennox Dealer Living in Kansas, we all know the devastation that can come from a tornado. But it was a massive tornado that touched down more than 400 miles away that recently led to potential problems for our Wichita company. July of 2018, an F3 tornado struck the town of Marshalltown, Iowa. Not only did the storm rip through its historic downtown and flatten homes, the massive tornado devastated Lennox International, a major manufacturing plant that had been in the central Iowa town for more than a century. The tornado ripped off the roof and tore massive chunks from the nearly 1 million-square-foot Lennox facility which is one of Marshalltown’s largest employers. Fortunately, none of the 1400 Lennox employees were injured, but this catastrophic storm caused the production of Lennox products at this facility to come to an immediate halt. The effects of this Iowa F3 tornado were immediately felt by us at Fenix here in Wichita. Lennox is the company that provides the best equipment when it comes to heating and cooling. And that’s why Lennox is the only brand of HVAC systems our Fenix technicians provide and…

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